On your first visit to Waratah Dental you will be asked to complete a Medical History Form. This provides staff and your dentist with important information that helps us make informed decisions about your treatment.

Download the Medical History Form

You can download the Medical History Form before your first visit. Simply print and fill it out to bring with you to your appointment. Or if it’s easier, arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment and fill it out on the day.

During your first visit, your dentist will gain a better understanding of your needs and expectations with respect to the dental treatment outcomes that will be of most benefit to you. We will then undertake a comprehensive examination of your face, mouth and jaws, including the soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth. Your smile, teeth, gums and bite will be carefully examined. Sometimes, our next step will usually be to obtain images of your jaws and teeth using our digital radiograph system and/or our high resolution OPG.

Depending on your situation, the dentist may develop your comprehensive treatment plan. This plan, including alternatives, advantages/disadvantages and costs that will then be presented to you. We will explain the written treatment plan to you containing both the treatment steps and the fee estimates for each of those steps, in order to provide you with a very clear and transparent explanation about the recommended treatment.